She’Cara Interview with Schuyler Wick

She’Cara Humphrey Interview with Schuyler Wick

With a new Coach in for the 2nd year, what is it like having him compared to Coach Richards?

With last year being Coach Baker’s first year, you could see a complete difference. Coach Baker has that complete experience at all levels at basketball. He’s been coaching for 20 years, you can tell the experience that he has compared to Coach Richard.


Do you like him and is he a good fit for the team and its future?

Yeah! Even just last year we set records. I definitely think he will be around for a long time. He is changing the program around. Women’s basketball is going to have a different look now, thanks to Coach Baker.

Do you like his Baker’s coaching style?

I do a lot. When I first met him he said, “There are players who think they’re good and players who know they’re good.” Before he came in, I thought I was good but ever since he came in my mind set have been like, him teaching me and telling me everything he knows and making me a better player. Now I know I’m good.


Have you seen a change in your team from when Coach Richards was here compared to Coach Baker?

It’s kind of a hard question because when Coach Baker came in there were only 3 people who had been with Coach Richards. It was a completely new team when Coach Baker came in. Had he been here with the old team we had with Coach Richards, I’m sure there would have been a lot of changes. We had a good team then, we should have a good coach to lead us to a championship.


Last year you started all 27 games with 10.6 points per game, 2nd most on the team per game. And 5.6 rebounds per game, 2nd most on the team. How do you feel about last season?

I think I had a good season, I think what I did, helped us as a whole. I had my teammates pushing me in practice, the coaches pushing all of use in practice. I can’t even take full credit for all of it, because it hadn’t been for my teammates or my coach I probably hadn’t of been 2nd lead in scoring and rebounds. So I definitely think the teammates had a role in it and pushing me and helping me get better.


How close is the team?

Some teams with a lot of girls have a lot of drama, this year there was none. This is surprising dealing with a lot of girls. When we first came in August, we hung out before school started, all during pre-season. And we still hang out now; we are literally with each other all the time, even outside of practice


Is there goo chemistry on and off the court?

 I think it’s a little different trying to find on court chemistry vs. off court chemistry. But I think are off court chemistry will help us find it on the court.





Report: Yankees trying to put a time limit on Robinson Cano


According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York the Yankees “plan on talking to the agents for Robinson Cano on Monday to reiterate that they will only be able to keep their best offer on the table for so long.”

Marchand reports that the Yankees are working on possible deals with multiple other free agents even after signing Brian McCann for $85 million and if some of them take New York’s offers the money wouldn’t be available for Cano.

Which … well, I dunno, I have a hard time believing that’s actually how things would play out. If the Yankees truly want Cano back it’s not as if they’re going to allow someone like Carlos Beltran, Omar Infante, or another similar free agent to determine whether it actually happens.

They’ll wait for Cano, because Cano is worth waiting for.

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How about renaming the street outside Yankee Stadium to “River[a] Avenue?”


River Avenue runs outside Yankee Stadium. Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post picks up the ball from some creative fans and launches a campaign to add an “a” at the end and change the name to “Rivera Ave.” as a means of honoring the retiring Yankees closer:

This is an idea too good to ignore, and so now we put the ball in the city’s hands, the way Joe Torre and Joe Girardi have placed baseballs in Rivera’s hands since 1996. It is worth noting Ferrara isn’t the only one who has been hit by the inspiration; a Yankees fan named Dan Salogub created a Twitter account (@161stRIVERAve) promoting the same idea: adding an A, renaming the street.

I’m opposed to this. Not because I have anything against Mariano Rivera as such, but because I feel like it’s been a year-long bacchanalia of honoring Rivera and isn’t enough enough?…

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